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To parents and carers of pupils attending Cardiff school Hubs

To parents and carers of pupils attending Cardiff school Hubs




7th April 2020


To parents and carers


 I am writing to advise you of arrangements in place in all Cardiff school Hubs to control the risk from COVID-19. In view of the projected increase in the rate of community transmission of the virus, it is important that we advise parents and carers of the measures in place to reduce the risk to pupils, staff and families within the Hub communities. This reiterates guidance provided by Welsh Government and Public Health Wales, and is consistent with the additional social distancing regulations published by Welsh Government on 7 April.


Suspected/Confirmed Case of COVID-19 affecting a Household

Should a family member residing within the same household as a pupil display symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, we require the pupil to immediately self-isolate for 14 days, prior to re-attending the Hub. Should the pupil themselves display symptoms of COVID-19 during the 14 day isolation period, a further 7 days of isolation should be undertaken from onset of the symptoms.


Suspected/Confirmed Case of COVID-19 affecting a Pupil or Member of Staff within the Hub

Any pupil who is displaying symptoms, or tests positive for COVID-19, would be required to immediately self-isolate for at least 7 days or for as long as symptoms persist, prior to reattending the Hub. If a pupil displays symptoms of COVID-19, we would like to reassure parents and carers that measures are immediately implemented to thoroughly clean the occupied areas to reduce the risk of possible transmission. Staff will be vigilant and monitor the wellness of pupils within each Hub and act in a precautionary way should pupils display recognised symptoms.Hygiene standards such as regular handwashing and use of hand sanitiser are in place for pupils and staff as well as social distancing requirements within each Hub. In addition, enhanced cleaning regimes are in place. Infection control measures are robustly applied in all Cardiff school Hubs . By working together we can ensure the risk of transmission is reduced to the lowest possible level.


Yours faithfully


Nick Batchelar

Donna Jones


Director of Education & Lifelong Learning Head of Health and Safety